The most precious of all gifts is the gift of honesty. Practise complete honesty with yourself and with others.

When we are honest with ourselves, and, in turn, with others, we are One with the Universe. In such a state, the portals of divine manifestation open up. We can then materialise anything we desire because we are truly in touch with our own Truth. Also, our desires no longer stem from envy and greed, or, from other vices of the ego. They become completely aligned with the fulfilment of our Soul purpose.

Practising complete honesty allows a relationship to bloom into its full potential as, through honesty, we get a chance to accept our loved ones in the truth of who they are. This might not be easy but it is truly an act of bringing unconditional love into practice.

At the same time, honesty is not the same as insensitivity. It does not imply mindlessly saying hurtful words to somebody.

It is about opening your heart with love and gratitude towards all those who come into your life. In such a state, we only see and appreciate the best in others, while staying true to our own self.

Only on the soil of honesty can true unconditional love grow. Embrace honesty, with your arms wide open, and love shall bloom in your heart. Its fragrance shall enchant all those around you. You shall then be a messenger of love, hope, and happiness, shining the brilliance of your Soul upon all those who cross your path!

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