The most important mission of your Life is to have fun. Don’t take th’ ngs too seriously!

Make more room for fun and play in your life. Don’t take life too seriously. Let go and allow pure joy to unfold! You didn’t take birth to suffer or to go through problems. You are a Spiritual being who came into this world to get the experience of a human life. Wasn’t that supposed to be an incredible amount of fun! Understand that having fun was and is your major Soul Agenda.

But when you came into this world, a temporary state of amnesia set in, making you feel overpowered by all the temporary problems, setbacks and challenges. Over time you lost the memory of your Divine roots; you lost that Self which is forever established in eternal bliss.

It is time to let go of all the negative psychic impressions that are keeping you tied to the energy of suffering. Cut your cords to the past and allow great joy to come to you.

Make an effort to have fun! Enjoy whatever comes your way. The day you begin to enjoy even the diseases that trouble you, the mother-in-law who is a pain to deal with, the boss who is always picking on you; all these problems will leave your life.

Because when you begin to enjoy even the not-so-pleasurable circumstances and people in your life; you send a message to the Universe that you have learned the lesson, which was to be learned, and are ready to release those situations and people.

Make room for play; go out and have your favourite meal, make a date night with your girlfriends, play with a child, laugh with a stranger. After all, you are here to have fun!

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