Happiness is not elusive. It is right here, this very moment. Practise mindfulness in order to rejoice in the bliss of the moment!

A lot of times, in fact, most of the time, life seems to make no sense. We think we are playing by the rules, and yet not getting the results we desire. A sense of frustration, failure and disappointment sets in. Why, why does it have to be this way, when all we truly wanted was that ever elusive thing — happiness!

Understand that happiness is not elusive. It is Real; it is here; it is yours, this very moment. It does not come from anything outside of you, but it is your very Nature that comes to the surface when the smoke of worries and fear surrounding you clears for a few moments. The only reason why anything external makes you happy is because of the emotional value you attach to it.

If having a relationship held no emotional value for you, then it will not give you any real happiness. On the other hand, if the one thing you badly want in life is to have a partner, then even the smallest of things your partner does for you has the potential to make you jump with joy. And this is true for everything else in the external world.

But remember, in truth, happiness is never created by anything outside of you. People and situations just wipe away some of the fog from the smoke screen of your life to reveal what was already present and has always been there.

Happiness happens in the moments when we want to change nothing; when there is total acceptance of and in the moment. It happens when we are just there; savouring and relishing everything just the way it all is. To always be happy, it is important to always be present in the Now. The past and the future are mere ideas; only the present is ‘Real.’

Accepting the Now, as it is, does not mean ceasing to make improvements. It simply means enjoying things exactly the way they are, at this moment, while still knowing that there is scope for something more or different to take place.

Nothing is permanent. Enjoy every second, every minute, because this moment is never going to come back and things are never going to be the same again! Live with greater mindfulness and your life will automatically be happier!

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