Enjoy life with all your five senses. Relish everything that comes your way and taste the flavours of all that you eat.

Let every day be a celebration. Allow yourself to truly taste all the flavours of life in pure delectable enjoyment!

We take so much for granted by constantly pondering over what we don’t have. Living from such a place of dissatisfaction and ingratitude, manifests scarcity and problems in life. Instead, when we slow ourselves down to admire the fresh morning sunshine, or, to listen to the chirping of birds, or, to smell the fragrance of flowers, or, to watch a flight of birds, we finally begin to truly LIVE by dancing in the glory of this magnificent Universe.

If you have ever seen a child play, you would have noticed that she has no sense of time, she has no fears, she has no inhibitions, she has no worries about the future. She is simply PRESENT. Her presence then becomes a present to the world as it reminds us of the joy and happiness we are all capable of. Weren’t you, and all of us, once that child? Whatever you do, do it using all your senses.

When you eat, smell the food first. Let it arouse your appetite. As you bring it to your mouth, feel joy and gratitude in your heart. When it touches your palate, feel the texture. Allow pure sensual enjoyment to unfold. Let it melt on your tongue, becoming one with the juices of your mouth. Feel the food going down your throat, nourishing every organ of your body. When you eat like this, no disease can ever come near you.

Practise such sensual mindfulness in everything you do; from breathing to walking; from attending meetings to commuting in trains. Be present wherever you are and in whatever you are doing. Always experience your surroundings and your own Self with all your senses!

When you live with such pure sensual enjoyment, every moment of life becomes a miracle. No suffering can come near you when you are empowered with such profound sensuality. Even if something disturbing comes along, you will have the power to make it vanish. Remember, if you can enjoy even your problems, then they will cease to be problems. Once you accept them, they will leave your aura because in enjoyment you raise your vibrations and all that doesn’t resonate with your positive vibrational frequency shall be gone.

A good idea to embark on this journey of delectable enjoyment would be to start today by enjoying your favourite meal using all the senses!

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