Allow yourself to be naughty. Let your spontaneity flow.

Family, religion, society; they all seek to suppress our natural sexual energy. When we fail to accept our own sexuality, we reject a part of ourselves that is most natural and even sacred. Such rejection leads to fragmentation of personality at the subtle level. Only in complete oneness with ourselves are we One with all those around us and with the infinite Universe.

Allow your sexual desires to come up. Recognise them, accept them; be playful with them. Connect with the truth of your Spirit to develop powerful intimate relationships in which you can completely be yourself. But remember that our relationships with others are only a reflection of our relationship with our own Self. When we do not accept ourselves completely, we fail to accept our loved ones in the Truth of who they are.

Accept who you are and allow the naughty child within to emerge. Smile for no reason, laugh until your stomach hurts, play until it aches; the child within has wanted to be set free for so long!

Embrace your femininity, your sexuality, your sensuality, your creativity. Many of your worries and problems shall be gone in an instant.

Don’t worry about pleasing others. When you can be your own best friend and stand by your own Self for better or for worse, the whole world will be by your side. After all, the world outside is only a reflection of the world inside.

Allow yourself to once again become like a child. Nurture your naughtiness and every wish you have shall be fulfilled!

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