Allow the joy of your Soul to unfold in a celebration! The fulfilment of a long-held desire is at hand.

If this card has showed up in your reading, then the fulfilment of a long-held desire is at hand. It might also mark the beginning of a new phase in your life. Prepare yourself for receiving the abundance that is about to come to you. Express gratitude in advance. Bring yourself in complete alignment with the fulfilment of your desires by feeling happy and believing, with complete faith, that you have already received whatever it is you desire.

Trust that, it is, indeed, time to celebrate! Go out, gift yourself a pampering day at the spa, nourish your body with your favourite food, play your favourite sport, spend quality time with those you love. Do whatever feels best to you. Rejoice in the knowledge that your greatest desires are supported by the Universe.

Even if you are finding it difficult to practise gratitude and happiness for what doesn’t seem to exist in material reality right now, remember that there is always plenty of reason to celebrate even otherwise.

Every second, a miracle is unfolding before your eyes. You just have to be able to recognise and witness it. The blooming of a flower, the laughter of a child, the warmth of fresh morning sunshine and even the in-flow and outflow of your own breath are all miracles in manifestation.

But above all, YOU, are a miracle of the infinite Universe! Do not take this for granted. Acknowledge the miracle that you are, and many more miracles shall be added unto you.

Go out and celebrate!

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