Allow your Beautiful Self to Bloom. Time to let go of the past and let in the New.

Allow yourself to manifest the True potential of your Soul. You have long repressed your Truth by listening to what others think of you and by trying to be somebody who someone else wants you to be. It is time to let go of all the old conditionings. Allow the new to come. Allow yourself to be YOU.

The outer world is only a reflection of the inner world. When those around you fail to accept you completely, in truth, it is only a reflection of your lack of acceptance for your own Self.

You are a Divine Spark of the Eternal Fire of Life. In you, lies all of creation, and, in your individuality, lies all that exists. Allow the individuality of your Holy Spirit to unfurl. The power to create miracles lies within you.

When you love yourself with total self-acceptance; the flower of your heart blooms. When the flower of your heart blooms; seasons of joy, happiness and profound contentment arrive.

You live on this temporal plane, yet your Soul rejoices in the Abode of Eternal Happiness.

Allow the true creativity of your Spirit to unfold! Go after your Dreams. Stare at the night sky, play with the butterflies, smell the roses. This world is your playroom. Don’t take it too seriously and have faith that everything you wish for shall come to you!!

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