It is the hunger of the Soul. It is you!

You are beautiful! Beauty surrounds you wherever you go. It is in you, it is all around you. You are, indeed, the most beautiful; both inside and out. Do not wish to be like anyone else. Do not criticise yourself; do not find faults with your physical image, for you are a reflection of the infinite Spirit.

As you embrace and admire your beautiful Self, you honour the Divine within. As you begin to see beauty in yourself and in others, you move closer back Home, and, that lies, indeed, within the tranquillity of your own heart.

What flower, what butterfly, what bird wishes to look like another — they are all perfect in their individuality and in the truth of who they are. Embrace your own Truth; allow the true beauty of your Soul to unfold.

The world shall be enamoured and whoever comes close to you shall have a glance into the infinite beauty of the Universe with one look at your face, for you are beautiful, you were and always will be! Do not allow anyone to tell you otherwise.

With beauty comes boundless joy. With boundless joy, flows infinite unconditional love. The love of the eternal Spirit holds no conditions — it fears nothing, desires nothing. It simply flows like an ocean. When you become a receptacle for such glorious Love, all those who come near you with a thirst for Love shall find fulfilment.

But only when you accept your Beautiful Self shall such boundless Love flow through you. Grace shall unfold and eternal happiness shall permeate your life. Just remember, you are and always will be beautiful!

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