Allow yourself to become more aware. Infinite joy awaits you!

The Universe urges you to live life with heightened awareness. When we live with deep awareness, something inside us shifts. We remain the same but how we experience life changes. The senses begin to perceive that which hadn’t been noticed before – the fragrance of fresh cut grass, the blooming of a flower, the warmth of fresh morning sunshine, the vastness of the night sky, the magnificence of tall mountains – All the miracles that surround us in every moment!

When we become a witness to the eternal miracle of Life, something miraculous happens in our own lives as well. Small setbacks and minor problems don’t bog us down the way they used to. We begin to see the Big picture. We begin to finally awaken in the consciousness of our own unity, truly realising that we are all, indeed, ONE.

When we experience with awareness all that surrounds us; whether it is Nature, our loved ones, or even strangers, the line between ‘me’, ‘mine’ and ‘the other’ begins to blur until the whole world becomes our family and all of Nature our Home. In such a state of deep awareness, we begin to hear our own breath and see our own

reflection in every face that crosses our path.

Our Real Home lies deep within the Heart. There, and only there, lies eternal peace and boundless joy. It is because we have allowed ourselves to become too embroiled in the drab of daily life that we have forgotten how Grand our lives truly are. Every birth is, indeed, a miracle and each one of us is a Goddess herself walking on Earth.

Be more aware of your surroundings. Be more aware of those around you. Be more aware of your body. Be more aware of your True Self.

When you begin to live with such deep awareness; abundance, happiness, and fulfilling relationships find their way to you. Simply allow yourself to soak in every moment. Deep awareness shall then happen effortlessly!

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