You are more beautiful than you think you are. Your charm fascinates those around you.

From childhood, we are taught to be self-effacing, never acknowledging how amazing we really are simply because it is not ‘humble’ to do so. Sadly, in trying to be ‘humble,’ we completely fail to remember how glorious we truly are. We forget to be loving and grateful to ourselves which is, indeed, the key to a truly happy and fulfilling life.

Even if someone compliments us, instead of graciously accepting it, we try finding all kinds of reasons why we are not deserving of it. Yet, ironically, we constantly crave acceptance and acknowledgement.

Allow yourself to receive compliments. Appreciate your own Self, love your own Self because this is the most powerful lesson in compassion. After all, how can you be truly compassionate to another, if you cannot be truly compassionate to your own Self!

When you begin to love yourself unconditionally, you lose the need to be appreciated and acknowledged by others. In your self-assurance, you become a beacon of Divine light and love.

In such a state of self-assurance, your charm grows manifold…enticing, attracting and fascinating all those who come near you. All toxic need-based relationships then leave your life; clearing the way for more loving relationships to enter.

Also, when you have enormous unconditional self-love, your heart begins to overflow with joy. And then, everyone who comes near you becomes blessed with the energy of your profound infectious joy.

Give your Self the gift of self-acceptance and self-love because that is what you truly deserve. Trust that it shall come back manifold from all those who surround you and, in time, it certainly will!

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