Bonjour, hope life is flowing well with you.

Just a little update on how I’m moving now in the online space.

I’ve been spending less time sharing online and been enjoying creating a sweet studio haven surrounded by trees at home🌿😊

It’ll be a luxe space for creativity, resting and sharing time with like minded women. Once it’s complete, I’ll share some photos!

If you’ve been following Sensual Seed on Instagram, yesterday the account was hacked. Maybe you’ve been receiving spam posts and messages…I’m sorry. This feels like the perfect time to say au revoir to that space, and I won’t be creating a new account.

If you desire to stay in touch, I invite you to connect with me on my private account @lifeinsync

You can continue receiving Sensual Seed love notes and inspiration simply by subscribing to the daily online oracle love notes. It would mean so much if you could also share this with another woman in your life.

Love to hear about any changes happening in your world and to cheer you on.

Love Chrissie

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