The Divine Feminine is within you, waiting to be awakened

What is Sensual Seed?

Sensual seed is your inner voice. It is your gut feeling or your sixth sense.

Sensual Seed Oracle Card Deck is a powerful tool to reconnect you with your inner voice.

Your Higher Self or your sixth sense already has all the answers that you are seeking.  The cards simply put you back in touch with your Truth.

As you connect with your chosen card, you discover that the accompanying channeled message resonates with the issue or question you have in mind.

With these cards, you will find clarity, comfort, guidance and the encouragement that you are seeking!

So rich, beautiful + filled with wisdom

I'm so loving this beautiful new card deck. The cards are so rich, beautiful + filled with wisdom from the Divine Feminine which lives in us all. They create a gorgeous start to my day. Julie Parker, Speaker/Author/Priestess

A gift for my partner

I just received your cards in the mail. They were a gift for my partner, who's also named Christine & who is a teacher & healer! These cards are going to be perfect for her & she absolutely loves them. We were both so happy to receive your handwritten note as well! What a nice surprise. Thank you very much. Love & Blessings. Stephen

Admiring the beauty of the cards

Thank you so much for the cards! I feel like a kid arriving home with the best ever lollie bag after a party! In bed with my hot choc admiring the beauty of these! Well done, you are truly amazing and what a gift to so many people! Thank you, thank you. Charma

The cards are so inspiring

Just wanted to say big thank you for my oracle cards, they were definitely the highlight of last night for me. I took them to work today and showed the girls and they all pulled a card for themselves and (of course) the cards are never wrong…they all loved it. I feel so inspired by you and you should be so proud of what you have created because they are absolutely beautiful. I’m so happy to own them. Di

They are spectacular

I have done several readings with the Sensual Seed Oracle Cards and they have been spectacular! Thank you! Michelle

They're really beautiful

They're really beautiful - my aunty will love them. I'll keep them in mind for Xmas gifts too when I get to that - congrats on a great project! Fi

Can't wait to use them with my clients

My daughter loves the cards. She loved the artwork, the words and everything, she said they would be perfect as a gift for her friends and wants her own deck You are definitely on to a winner. I am so pleased that you gifted them to me and I can’t wait to use them with my clients and show them off to the world. Kerri

Absolutely amazing deck!

An absolutely amazing Oracle Card Deck! Full of boundless wisdom, insight and energy. Merryn


"You have come into the world to enjoy this wonderful life through this beautiful body. Celebrate your femininity!"

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